Oh deer

Just as the sun began to lower yesterday as we walked up a knoll at the Conifer, Colo., disc golf course, I looked up and saw Ullr, our 1-year-old puppy (well, I guess he’s in his ‘tween years), running and frolicking in a meadow. You could see sunbeams shining through the trees. It was as if each blade of grass relished this time of day, in sideways light.

Sometimes when you’re in a moment, you know it will become a memory you summon later on. As I watched Ullr’s youthful vigor, it made me think about 15 or 20 (hopefully the latter) years from now. Someday he will be a crotchety old dog, and I will remember him running through fields. It felt mildly morbid to think about, definitely bittersweet, but it also deepened my appreciation.

I mentioned the thought to my husband, Matt.

Then, about ten minutes later, as we walked down a hill to the disc basket, we saw a deer. Not unusual, we see many deer. But then it appeared to chase Ullr, who seemed oblivious to it until it began running after him. Ullr ran toward a tree, Matt kicked into gear and ran toward the two. It created a standstill, Ullr on one side of Matt and the deer on the other. The deer did not run away until Matt yells, “Get out of here!”

Odd. It could have been bad, deer’s hooves are sharp and could do a lot of damage to a dog.

While walking back to the car, Matt conjectured that weird things happen when you say things like, “I’m always going to remember Ullr just like that, playing in that meadow with the light shining through.” A jinx, if you will. To which I made the point, “Maybe it just happens because you put energy toward believing that.”

Who knows. Moral of the story? Deer can be unpredictable.

Ullr began disc golfing at a very early age …

Our adventure pup!


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