This is gonna’ sound rather selfish, but thank god my husband wasn’t feeling well yesterday because I needed a day off. Affectionately known as the Energizer Bunny among my extended family, when we’re in the middle of disc golfing or hiking, my guy is talking about what we should do after that.

Go-go-go is my general modus operandi also (when I took Matt home to meet my parents, my mom said, “She finally found someone who can keep up.”); but it turns out I need some time to read the New Yorkers and Christian Science Monitors that pile up and the latest O Magazine (you heard me, O, I effin’ love my monthly issue, what of it?).

Here’s where you roll your eyes and tell me I sound like a spoiled little mountain girl. I was just exhAUSTED from going straight from a backpacking trip to unpack and repack for a few days in Vail, and then running home to throw other clothes in for a road trip with my best girlfriend to California, flying back late at night and leaving the following early afternoon for a weekend in Aspen. I needed me some down time.

Now after some well-needed rest and catching up on some reading, let’s bring on the week.


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