Random bit of writing I just found…

In an old 3″x5″ notepad I found something I wrote years ago. I don’t know why. Neither do I really know why I’m posting it now. Enjoy ūüôā

Despite the fact Ali was an overweight midget, he never had a problem finding a lady friend. Perhaps it was his utmost loyalty, for he believed life’s worth lied in serving others.¬†Maybe it was the tender care he gave his widowed mother and two younger sisters.

Most likely it was the fact he arguably was the most romantic midget to walk the face of the earth. But with his penchant for passion came a crux, while he considered himself to be a serial monogamist, none of his romantic relationships exceeded two years.

Maybe his love was too great, he had to share it. Maybe he idealized his lady loves too much in the beginning. Either way, he set off one morning from his home along the Niger River to find a love that would last.


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